Adopt an animal for a Child that has Everything

adopt a meerkatI really find it difficult to think of toys to buy for my nieces and nephew when it comes to birthdays and Christmas. It’s my nephew’s birthday in August and I am really struggling to think of something that he won’t already have. He has tool kits, dvds, cars etc, what do you get a child that has everything?

Adopt an Animal

He really likes that meerkat advert that’s on at the moment…he’s only young, don’t judge him. I thought maybe get him a cuddly meerkat toy to play with? I think I have thought of an even better idea, I am going to adopt a meerkat at Port Lympne for him. Port Lympne and sister park Howletts Wild Animal Park have a great adopt an animal programme and I think that my nephew would absolutely love this gift.

Adopt a Meerkat

When you adopt an animal at Port Lympne and Howletts they send out a certificate, newsletters about the meerkats progress and free entry into the park so that you can visit the animal. My nephew’s face lights up every time he sees the meerkat advert so I can’t wait to see his face when he sees one for real. A great gift for a child that has everything and a brilliant way of helping the Aspinall Foundation, win win!


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